“The Dawning.” Writers Club Press, 2000. A collection of poetry, testimonials, and commentaries with subjects ranging from spousal abuse and racism to faith-based matters.

“Cries of a Young Girl.” Nia Pages Publishing, 1996. A compilation of poetry outlining the stages of attraction (Invitations, Rejections, and Realizations).



Playwright, “Social Commentary No. 5 theconclusionoftheillusionofthehatwearingbiblethumpingkind.” (Monologue from “Sunshine for a Midnight Weary.”) This Women’s Work Theatre Company Next Big THING Festival, January 2006.

Playwright, “Sunshine for a Midnight Weary.” Embodi Entertainment, December 2003, April – June 2005. Nominated for an NAACP Theatre Award (Choreography) and praised by the Los Angeles Times and LA Weekly.

Playwright, "Sunshine for a Midnight Weary." The New Jomandi Theatre, April 2003. Choreoplay presented as a staged reading.

Director, “Happy Family.” Synchronicity Theatre’s Embrace the Chaos: 24-Hour Plays, July 2002. An annual theatre festival that competing teams have 24 hours to write, cast, direct, and present a series of short plays.  



"Black in Trump Country: Black Kentuckians Celebrate Their Emancipation While Losing Their Civil Rights." Huffington Post, 2017.

"Zombies Don't Wear Lipstick: How Lipstick is Saving My Life." JET Magazine, April 2017.

"Swimming with Snakes: My fight for my life and health care reform"

Video-Journalist, CNN: Headline News, June 1996 – August 1997. Rotated floor direction, script supervision, tape playback, camera operation, and teleprompting duties on 16 half-hour broadcasts in a fast paced studio environment. Also trained on master control, writing, editing, and reporting.

I have written also articles and ads for clients for the following publications:,,,,, NALP Journal, Chemical Engineering, Chemical Equipment Magazine.



"Overlook Park" (Full-length screenplay)

“Light” (Full-length screenplay)

“Poor Man’s Blues” (Full-length screenplay)

“Like Grown Folks Do” (Full-length screenplay)

“The Southern Diner: Money Tree” (Spec Script)

“King of the Hill: My Monthly Friend” (Spec Sitcom Script)
”Sister, Sister” (Spec Sitcom Script)


Screenwriter, “24 Myles in a Day.“ Atlanta Urban Mediamakers, June 2003. Part of the famed 48-Hour Film Festival in which teams have 48 hours to write, cast, direct, and edit a film.

Continuity Director, “The Voyeur.” Yarnsmith Productions, July 2002. 35mm short film, which was the directorial debut of an acclaimed Assistant Director.

Unit Production Manager, “Babylonian Dreads.” Screenplayers Productions, August 1999.


Freelance Writer/Media Strategist, maisol media, October 2005 – Present. Develop editorial, marketing and technical content for clients in the journalism, business and nonprofit arenas.